It is every parent’s dream to enrol their children to the best available school. Certainly, that concern is justified as their children are going to spend more time in the school than at home (excluding sleep time). Finding the right hands to take care of our kids was our top most priority as well. In our hunt for the best schools, certain things caught our attention with Silas international school. Among them, the Montessori based early years’ education was the foremost.

While there is a lot of discussion about overburdening kids with parent’s aspirations, not many heed to it. No one really wants to miss the race in this fast-paced world. In that rat race, it is easy to forget that the best way to provide education is to instil great interest in education. We were convinced Montessori based education will retain the curiosity and interest of our kids learning zeal. It has been more than 7 months since they joined and we weren’t wrong. There wasn’t a single day where we had to force our kids to go to school. Instead, there was a day where we had tough time convincing them to skip a day to attend a family function! Unlike proper Montessori based schools, the Montessori class hours are limited in Silas. Despite that, teachers are able to retain the interest in learning, which is certainly commendable.

Every child is different. During early years, most of them need special one to one attention. That has been truly special in Montessori classes where teachers are available every day to discuss their individual needs. Perhaps the class strength is also another reason which made it possible. One teacher and an assistant for 20-25 students makes it ideal to pay individual attention and thereby focus on specific needs of the students.

One of the favourite things for our kids on weekend is to complete the worksheet! That is hard to believe as they spend 7 hours every day at school! Behind that magic is teachers hard work to prepare the worksheet.