It gives me immense pleasure to be proud parent of Silas family. I extend my hearty wishes to the Trustee members and Principal of Silas International School. Silas as a family works for the fourfold development of a child i.e. cognitive, Socio-emotional, Spiritual and Physical development. It’s place where children are getting all the moral support and guidance for their creative and intellectual thoughts. Silas opts for xseed curriculum where an environment is created for children to think and reason out a solution to a problem Silas has ample scope for curricular activities such as music, drawing, Karate, cricket, Art and craft etc. To get hold on the language phonics is thought in the school. All these give a solid foundation for children education. A Child security is a prime concern at Silas and the infrastructure of the school gives children a homely environment to their learning experience. All these we are getting under one roof i.e. Silas International School. So as a parent l look forward to many shining stars to dream achieve and succeed in their vision where Silas holds on to the word and is driven by its vision I thank and appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of all the teachers as they are investing their time, talent and treasure towards the students.