Dear Friends,
At the Onset, let me quote a portion of Scripture,
“The fear of the hard is the beginning of Wisdom and Knowledge of the Holy one is understanding”. Proverbs 9:10
It’s my pleasure, to open few lines regarding my experience at Silas International School as a parent.
I am very proud to have both my children at SIS
Always impressed and have been astonished by the care you and each other and it really shows in the pride the children have for their classmate and the school.
The staff have the ability to tune in very quickly with each child to work out their strength and set target to achieve the best from individuals.
As parents, we have been extremely happy with how our child has progressed over the years.
This is a fantastic school and it would be the best school for our child.
And there is no doubt in saying our children are placed in a right and safe plane.
More over SIS is a close-Knit family where making our children strong enough to face the world outside.
I pray thatHE will institution, as guide and bless this institution, as you mark this movement
And more forward to even greater accomplishment to make Silas International School a high calibre, a well-renowned place of study.
“God Bless”