George Evans said that, “Every student can learn; just not on the same day or the same way.” And, learning is always an on-going process. However, student life is the most productive time to learn and apply those later in life. Apparently, student life is also the time when these learning are put to test – more theoretically rather than practically. And, yes, the grades determine a good and a bad student. However, grades are not the only parameter to judge a student. As mentioned earlier, every student can learn in their own capacity, and it is their own abilities, capabilities and personal traits, which makes the difference.
So, basically, we can say that there are ‘good or effective students’, who have promptness and attitude towards learning, which also translates into good grades. And, there are ‘not-so-good students’, who needs to cultivate these habits so that they can also apply these effectively. Their low grades might be due to the reason that they do not possess certain good habits, which they need to learn.

7 good habits, which good students posses, which makes them successful in academics and effective in their learning are as follows:

Time Management:

Managing time is an important aspect of success. Students have to finish a lot within a very short period of time. Hence, it is helpful when the bigger work can be broken into smaller chunks. This way they can easily finish bigger projects and this might also be helpful during exam time.

Staying Fit and Healthy:

A fit and fine body with a healthy mind is very important for students to concentrate on their studies. So, for a stronger body, smarter and sharper mind, students need to eat healthy, maintain a physical activity regime and playful heart to build a proper immune system and mental stability to excel in academics.

Communication is Important:

The right communication is also an important characteristic of a good student. They ask the right questions at the right time, they ask when they have queries and clear their doubts. Proper communication with family and teachers is also important, while doing homework or for anything related to their academics.

Goal Setting:

Like adults, students also need to have goal setting fundamentals clear. With SMART goals, they will be able to achieve more of any task within a shorter period. Goals also help to make things easier and attainable.

Organization Skills:

Planning, organization and management skills are also required in a student life for discipline and sustained learning. These help to sail smoothly through their daily studies, homework and exams, so that they can avoid the last minute confusions and redundant work.

Stay Involved:

Apart from studies, good students also involve themselves in other extra curricular activities, which broadens their mind and keeps them open to new ideas and innovative ways. This way they are able to refresh their minds and concentrate on their studies. Hobbies, interests in other things like sports, fine arts, etc. should be encouraged. One good habit of effective students is reading, they tend to read a lot and hence able to approach problems in different ways and understand things in different perspectives.

Work on Emotions:

Good students know how to handle their emotions of anxiety, frustration, failure and others in an effective way. These can occur due to exams, peer pressure, school politics and others. They know how to face challenges and deal with it. It is important to manage these inner feelings to be able to perform and achieve more, externally.

It is important that all students inculcate these good habits so that they can use these for effective learning and good grades. There is a thin line difference between a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ student, and there is always scope for improvement. The gap can be filled in, if a student is determined and motivated to imbibe these good habits. So, stay focused and keep your enthusiasm alive for learning and moving ahead in life.

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