An informed mind is a valuable asset to society. The school actively encourages students to read books and library hours are part of the curriculum. It has the latest reference books as well as high quality fiction. Information and educational magazines are also available.

The marvels of science can be experienced practically by the students in the state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Residential Boarding
The school has a secure and comfortable hostel for boarders. There are separate girls and boys dorms. The boarding is quite literally a “Home away from home”. Spacious dormitories are equipped with all amenities. A hygienic kitchen and large dining hall serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Boarders are allowed supervised access to Internet and satellite TV.

Boarders follow a strict daily routine and are not allowed to leave the campus without prior permission either from the Warden / Matron or the Principal. They are permitted short phone calls and shopping on Saturday only when accompanied by the Matron / Warden. Boarders are given overnight permission to stay with local guardians / parents. This will be granted once a month for seniors and twice a month for juniors only after the local guardians have obtained prior written permission from the Principal.

The school has made provision for children to be transported to school and back. This facility is available only for students from Montessori to Grade X.

We have a fleet of School buses plying from various parts of the city.
Contact the school office for information on the various routes that the School buses ply on.